Top Five Games I can’t wait to play at IndieCade

1. Fez by Polytron

Fez made its debut October 11, 2007 as a puzzle-based game with a rotating 2D/3D landscape. The gameplay seems similar to Japan’s Echochrome where the player solves puzzles by rotating the camera perspective to help a character across pitfalls. Though Fez incorporates Echochrome’s overall gameplay concept, in Fez you can actually control your character. The world has four different perspectives the user is able to rotate between and the art gives off a retro, pixel feel.

After watching numerous videos, I can easily see myself getting sucked into the puzzle solving and charming atmosphere that Fez offers. It is the only game at IndieCade that will be released on Xbox Live.


2. At a Distance by Distractionware

After falling in love with Terry Cavanah’s VVVVVV, I am anxiously awaiting to play his next creation, At a Distance. VVVVVV was so captivating. But was it the game mechanics that got me? No. Was it the beautiful depiction of space and time? No. It was, drum roll please, the soundtrack. VVVVVV’s music hooked me into hours of gameplay. As I delved deeper and deeper into the space ship, humming along with the music, my life seemed to drift away into space.
With a number of hits under his belt and an army of devoted fans, Terry Cavanah might just take home this year’s Best Game in Show.

3. The Swapper by Facepalm Games

The Swapper is Facepalm Games, a group from Helsinki, very first title. Watching the video stirs thoughts of Misadventures of PB Winterbottom mixed in with a cosmic space adventure. Players navigate treacherous space wrecks, using human clones as tools to get around.  The concept feels original and compelling.

4. Hohokum

The first thing that I thought after watching this video is noby noby boy meets crazy taxi. It’s the most visually appealing game that I’ve seen since Beautiful Katarmari. All I can say is if you can’t laugh at the strange and out this world art you obviously don’t have a sense of humor.
I am a big fan of Adventure Time and the animation of game’s main character instantly reminded me of my favorite cast member, Lady Rainicorn, a unicorn-rainbow hybrid. I can’t wait to play Hohokum and fly people around on a rainbow snake.

5. The Bridge by Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda 

The Bridge is a 2D puzzle platformer, similar to Echochrome, where players solve puzzles by changing the camera perspective.  The gameplay seems like Yet It Moves. The pencil-sketched art work, reminiscent of MC Escher, brings me back to the days I sat in health class staring at his posters. The combination of art style and gameplay feels like match made in heaven.