Mirada hosted our first Mobile Technology & Entertainment Meetup and it was a blast! We had tech talks about mobile development, Getting started with Django, Open Gl, and Node JS. We’ll be hosting many more in the future so stay tuned! 

At the UCLA Engineering Fair looking for game devs!!! 

At the UCLA Engineering Fair looking for game devs!!! 


Job Openings

We’re looking to expand our awesome team with some part time graduate students in Computer Science and part-time digital/graphic designers. Email me if you are interested or pass on the info lin.ly@happydojo.com



A few weeks ago, we were invited to the exclusive Google LA office opening in Venice. It was amazing, to say the very least. And yes, the food at any google event is to die for! They even had model waitress and host. 


Photos from the first ever indieXchange


IndieXchange @ Indiecade

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend the first ever IndieXchange at Indiecade. It was a great learning opportunity and gave us a chance to meet game makers in the indie community. My top three memorable moments were meeting the makers of The Bridge ( one of Charles’ Top 5) Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda. The two started this game as school project and kept at it for about a year to finish it. Ty did the programing and game design and Mario handled all the art.

We also got to a chance to play Ian Stocker’s Escape Goat, a game where you play as a goat trying to puzzle your way free. On your quest you’re accompanied by a trusty little mouse friend to help with those hard to reach places. Very addicting I have to say. For more info, check out his blog site or follow him on twitter @MagicalTimeBean

And finally, the most exciting moment…getting to meet John Romero and Brenda Garno Brathwaite from LootDrop, maker of the facebook social game Raven Wood Fair. As gaming industry veterans and a leader in the social games arena, they’re our inspiration. We got to chat with them and show off our game. Even got their autograph! It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to see them again. 


Check out the latest screen shots for Fantasy Village. Enjoy!


Top Five Games I can’t wait to play at IndieCade

1. Fez by Polytron

Fez made its debut October 11, 2007 as a puzzle-based game with a rotating 2D/3D landscape. The gameplay seems similar to Japan’s Echochrome where the player solves puzzles by rotating the camera perspective to help a character across pitfalls. Though Fez incorporates Echochrome’s overall gameplay concept, in Fez you can actually control your character. The world has four different perspectives the user is able to rotate between and the art gives off a retro, pixel feel.

After watching numerous videos, I can easily see myself getting sucked into the puzzle solving and charming atmosphere that Fez offers. It is the only game at IndieCade that will be released on Xbox Live.


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Indiecade 2011 Event Schedule →

For those who are still on the fence about going to IndieCade, here’s a list of all the events happening this weekend.